Raised free in nature

We give our bees a single home, raise them in the most natural way possible, and gently harvest their honey just once a year. Our healthy, happy bees produce high-potency Mānuka honey with recognised health benefits.

An interconnected world

As Māori, we see ourselves as living in a truly interconnected world. The people, the land, the sea, the forest and all living creatures – we are part of the same family. We give back to our animals, and they give back to us.

Created by nature,
validated by science

Awhi Mānuka honey has been independently tested and certified, using the superior UMF® quality trademark rating system, to ensure purity and quality.

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Traceable from our hives
to your home

Choose honey that is produced, harvested and packaged in New Zealand, so you can be confident you’re getting the real deal.

Where our bees live

The ultimate
feel-good gift

With recognised health properties, Awhi Mānuka honey is a heartfelt, ethical gift you’ll want to share with family and friends all year round.

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