"Their meat is some of the best I've cooked with"

Paul Rumary - Executive Chef,
Woodsite Restaurant
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Nature-led flavour

Rich, tender, melt-in-your mouth Awhi Ruapehu Angus is the choice of top chefs who want to showcase their skills and impress diners. Our beef’s extraordinary taste and texture is the direct result of our nature-led farming practices.


"A beautiful cut of meat with deep flavours"

Wallace Mus - Executive Chef,
Fish Restaurant
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Raised with wholehearted care

It’s the way we raise our cattle that makes Awhi Ruapehu Angus so succulent and tender. Grass-fed and selectively bred over 40 years, our cattle live out their lives in small family groups in remote hill country. By working with nature to give our cattle a gentle, unhurried, stress-free life, we’re able to produce premium cuts of consistently exceptional eating quality.


Farming the Awhi way